Sir Roger Bannister - A Tribute

Sir Roger Bannister

I read with sadness of the demise of Sir Roger Bannister. I read the very long extended obituaries in The Telegraph and The Times.

I was reminded how, in earlier times, “sporting greats” broke records with minimal training, no heroics and little reward.

My mind wandered and realised that Roger Bannister and Christopher Chataway both gained knighthoods in part for their achievement in athletics; and was saddened to see that Christopher Brasher only got a CBE despite being the third member of the trio of friends that helped create the four minute mile.

Why was that when he was the only one of the three who achieved an Olympic Gold?  In the Steeplechase, Melbourne 1956.

Strangely enough, the same CBE as John Disley who gained the Silver in Melbourne, who along with Chris Brasher, founded the London Marathon.

Surely both deserved a knighthood also for the London Marathon achievement in addition to their athletic prowess.

By the way, can anybody out there remember who came fourth on the 6th May 1954?