stuart atkinson

Stuart is arguably the most experienced accountant in town.  He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1965.  He has been in practice ever since. 

Stuart began his career with Buckley Hall Devin.  From then on, he worked for, and was trained by legendary Accountants namely Brian Hall, Barry Gaskill, Bruce Fletcher, and Eric Grocock.  He picked their brains mercilessly.  Later, he built up a practice with offices in Hull, Bridlington, Doncaster, Gainsborough, and Louth,  incorporating two firms in Bridlington and two firms in Gainsborough.  After many successful years, Stuart sold those practices and offices between 2008 and 2012, and opened this specialist boutique accountancy office which, we call The Accountancy Shop.

He was the youngest practicing accountant in 1965; he is now certainly one of, if not the oldest.  There is little he does not know.  There is even less that Stuart has not experienced.  He may not be able to run the 100 yards in 10.6 seconds anymore, but his brain is as sharp as ever.  Stuart and his 50 years of experience are great assets for our firm.

Sallie nielsen

Sallie joined Stuart in 1980 on leaving school.  She became his Personal Assistant in 1987 and as such she was at the forefront in all of the acquisitions and growth that developed thereafter, which included participating and leading the acquisitions and necessary reorganization of all the development mentioned above. 

In 2011 Sallie and Stuart set up The Accountancy Shop.

According to many, Sallie is regarded among the very best of administrators.  Her organisational skill exceeds that which others would accept as more than satisfactory.  Sallie possesses the biggest, longest, and most accurate memory.  What little she does not know will, very quickly, be known.

mark frankish

Mark is an important member of the team who trained in Stuart's office in the late '80's.  He left to go into commerce.  Later, Mark became tired of the commercial 'rat race' and turned to Stuart and Sallie when he found out about their "accountancy boutique".  He is regard by Stuart as an accountant as good as any he has encountered.

Mark's forte is management reporting.  His numbers are forever correct.  His presentation is always pristine.

su shipley

Su is our front of house lady.  She opens the door.  She takes the calls.  She deals with all payroll matters.  Su also has much experience in accounting which enables her to deal with sole traders, self-assessment, and assist in limited company accounts.  Nothing is ever too much trouble for Su.  She is always willing.  Always smiling.

knud nielsen

Knud is our latest recruit.  After many years of uncertainty, Knud decided to pursue a career in accounting.  So, he came to us in November 2017.  He has accepted the journey he has begun and relished the challenge, achieving 97% and 99% in his first two exams.  

We have high hopes for Knud.

steve blake

We also have, as an associate, Steve Blake who is a computer systems "buff".  He is not a "geek"!  He is an ordinary guy with an extraordinary knowledge of computers and software.  Steve would be available for any such necessary advice from time to time.

will atkinson

In addition, we offer web and app development through Will Atkinson and his associates.  Will has years of web development and design experience, and has built up a number of expert contacts (national and international) who we are able to use for contract work on your projects.